Rose City Digital (RCD) is a blog pretending to be an agency. Those roles might be reversed, one of these days. For now… it is what it is.

RCD is the brainchild and alter ego of Mark Martin, a 15 year plus veteran Digital Project Manager and Producer (among other things– feel free to ask me about pirate radio) who is currently at liberty… and looking for something useful to do.

While my preference is further gainful employment in corporate/enterprise settings, I am open to contract and freelance engagements as well. I will also happily build your website, on whatever platform you prefer. Should RCD ever transition into an actual agency, expect to see other names in this space. For now, it’s just me and my imaginary AI sidekick (who might even have a blog of their own, at some point). Feel free to drop me a line.


  • Design Contributions– We would like to thank Vecteezy for social and other icons and Elena Kuchko for the lovely view of Portland’s Fremont Bridge in our site header.